Available Screenplays for Option


   "6th Man"

     Official Selection at the 2018 Beverly Hills Film Festival. Winners announced April 8, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.  

     Adam battles fraud and corruption at Gordon Wellington law firm, but returns the favor in a most

     revengeful manner. 


   "Pearl Hart"

    Official Selection at the 2017 Beverly Hills Film Festival

    In 1898, Pearl Hart – after a violent marriage, two abandoned children, and an addiction to drugs – is forced

    to rob a stagecoach to help her family survive. 

   Drama/War (1846-1848):

   "The Deserter's Trail" 

   Quarter-Finalist 2015 American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest.

   Judges: Francis Ford Coppola and the American Zoetrope Staff.

   Washington joins the St. Patrick's Battalion in Mexico. Jeremiah, following his trail, knows Washington is not capable

   of lofty ideals as Washington is evil incarnate.       


   "Daddy's Little Girl"

   Daniel, a former basketball star, has his career cut short because of a drug deal. Bella, his daughter, defies the 

   odds  and goes from child beauty pageants, Miss North Dakota, to Hollywood sound stages, pursuing the

   sometimes sordid American dream. 


   "The Parsons Guide to War"

   The daughter of the editor-in-chief of "The New York Times" courts a technology reporter, which escalates into a

   war between the U.S.A. and Mexico. 

   Supernatural Adventure/Superhero:

   "The Speedster"

   After Wallace steals the spirit of lightening from the Den of Man, the God of Floods dispatches a duo of criminals

   to seek revenge. 


   "Delmorian Poesy"

   Official Selection of The 2014 Beverly Hills Film Festival

   Delmore Schwartz, considered one of America's finest poets/critics, lived a life of joy and sadness. 


   "The Roger Shea War"

   Roger Shea, who is a U.S. military pilot who served in Iraq, returns home to battle PTSD and discovers that civilian

   life is sometimes just as horrifying as war.

   Holiday comedy/ Sci-Fi:

   "Egg Nog and Aliens"

   Aliens stranded on Earth cause a chain reaction of calamitous events, forcing a family to rethink the meaning

   of Christmas.



   "Mission: Welcome Home"

   Three NASA space stations are taken over by NASA automatons, who now seek to discover a "new world."


   "Dinner Theatre"

   A romantic comedy about second chances. After a five-year marriage that leads to divorce, Robert embarks

   on a second courtship to win Molly's heart - but now he must confront Molly's obsession with money.



   "Le Cafeteria Cornhuskers"

   After winning the NCAA Culinary Championships, Cooper must battle a duo of characters that try and sabotage

   his love for Mia and his chance to attend the  Culinary Institute of America.


   All of the screenplays are registered with the Writers Guild of Canada.

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